1 Professor Thomas Sargent Bound Together: Two Competing Visions
2 Dr. Bright Okogu Promoting Inclusive Growth Under the Transformation Agenda
3 Dr. Jonathan Aremu Transforming Africa Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
4 Professor Kenneth Adeyemi Good Governance as a Necessary Condition for Economic Transformation of Africa
5 Professor Jonathan Leape Ideas for Growth papershelps.com
6 Professor Ademola Oyejide Growth Drivers in “Africa Rising” Projections
7 Dr. Sarah Alade Prospects for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Africa
8 Professor Eric Maskin Why Haven’t Global Markets Reduced Inequality?
9 Mr. Timothy Oguntayo Economic and Institutional Reforms for Sustainable Growth in Africa
10 Professor Olu Ajakaiye Public-Private Interface for Shared Development in Africa